How the CLPA drives interconnectivity with compatibility for industrial Ethernet devices

As more manufacturers transition to Industry 4.0 applications, they reap the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), particularly simplified network architectures. However, in order to reap these benefits, all network devices, regardless of vendor, must have optimal interoperability and interconnectivity.

Since the creation of CC-Link fieldbus, our first open network technology to support interoperability between devices on industrial networks, the CLPA has developed CC-Link IE and CC-Link IE TSN to address evolving communications needs. Vendors can use these open network technologies, which are not vendor-specific, to ensure that their products can connect with any other devices that implements our solutions, avoiding the creation of ‘islands of automation’.

Currently, we have over 4,100 member companies worldwide and over 2,600 compatible industrial automation components from over 370 manufacturers, resulting in over 31 million CLPA-enabled devices being used worldwide. This abundance gives customers more options for purchasing and operating equipment without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Examples of devices/industrial automation products that utilise our network technologies are:

  • PLCs
  • Switches
  • Servos
  • HMIs
  • Vision systems
  • Ethernet gateways

We work with our members to make more items compatible by providing technical help, development procedures, product testing and marketing support. We also collaborate with other leading organisations to support interconnectivity and standardisation across the industry. This, in turn, helps automation vendors, machine builders and end users ensure communications between a broader range of devices, in line with Industry 4.0.

You can learn more about our range of compatible devices in our virtual product tunnel or if you are interested in joining the CLPA, visit our membership page here.