The benefits that CLPA technologies bring to industries

For over 20 years, the CLPA has been creating network technology solutions that improve industrial communications. Our most recent offering is CC-Link IE TSN, an open industrial Ethernet that combines gigabit bandwidth with Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). This provides the high-speed, real-time, convergent, and deterministic data exchange required for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

As more businesses realise the benefits of digitalisation, any company that wants to stay competitive in a demanding and fast-paced industry should use Industry 4.0 enabling technologies such as TSN to drive competitiveness.

Industry players in a number of sectors are moving toward smart manufacturing. By incorporating TSN into their network architecture, they can increase the real-time and predictable transfer of data across all devices on a single, convergent network, not only monitoring stations.

Complex production lines with devices such as cameras, HMIs, motion controllers, and robotics can utilise CC-Link IE TSN’s gigabit bandwidth to handle rising volumes of network traffic while synchronising activities. This aspect is particularly beneficial in the automotive and lithium-ion battery manufacturing as well as food and beverage industries.

In addition, companies can benefit from a high level of process and data transparency. This helps to optimise key operations throughout the entire business right the way through to the shop floor, allowing for more data to be gathered and utilised in a more meaningful way.

TSN is also being used in process industries, such as water treatment, chemical, and oil and gas facilities to break down digital barriers and share information across different plant systems. This, in turn, increases efficiency and significantly reduces engineering efforts, system complexity and operational costs.

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