What is the CLPA?

The CC-Link Partnership Association (CLPA) was established in 2000 in response to the growing market demand for interoperable industrial automation devices that can communicate over open industrial network technologies.

Our first offering to provide a fully open industrial network was CC-Link fieldbus, which seamlessly connects PLC systems and the devices to which they are attached.

Since then, our technologies – CC-Link IE, and CC-Link IE TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) – have improved industrial Ethernet frameworks and our membership has increased to over 4,100 companies around world.

By delivering 2,600 compatible products from over 370 manufacturers, all of our members contribute to the evolution of industrial networks and the enhancement of communications in automation and manufacturing.

What are the memberships benefits for automation vendors and end users?

Becoming a member provides a highly effective approach to interacting quickly with industrial automation vendors as well as manufacturers to guarantee interoperability and compatibility.

We devote our time to helping vendors develop and promote compatible products worldwide by:

  • Exhibiting at shows
  • Planning and managing technical seminars
  • Creating and ensuring availability of product information

Furthermore, by joining the CLPA , you will receive product development support. You will also get access to our testing facilities for developing, testing and certifying your products to ensure compliance with our network technologies, which are already utilised in over 31 million devices.

Once your solutions are ready for release, we help in reaching key industries via our extensive global network. We can especially assist with marketing in Asia through our Gateway to Asia (G2A) programme. Thanks to our marketing support, we help you navigate any complicated corporate culture and linguistic challenges that may arise to help promote your product and achieve successful business outcomes.

If you choose to participate in our working groups you will also be able to stay abreast of the most recent technological advances and trends and even influence the direction of industrial automation development.

Our global locations

Each of our offices works with local OEMs, vendors and end users to increase the adoption of our network technologies.

To ensure maximum outreach and support, we have offices that you can contact directly located in:

To learn more about our members or join us, click here.